Why do we need a specific day to focus on happiness?

If you take a look at history, happiness has always ranked pretty high in importance. The Founding Fathers of the United States included “The Pursuit of Happiness” as an inalienable right in their Declaration of Independence. In 2012, The United Nations designated March 20 as International Day of Happiness in order to bring awareness to the importance of taking happiness seriously. Why?  Because when we really stop and think about what we really need to live contented lives, it is not often what we have been pursuing.

I was extremely fortunate to attend the three day meeting at the United Nations where leaders from around the globe strategized ways to increase Gross National Happiness, focusing on areas that matter to people – make for a good life – like health, education, culture, good governance, nature, and more. As someone who has worked very hard to remain happy while dealing with a chronic disease, the experience of being surrounded by people who were committed to finding ways to build happiness around the globe made me very happy. It also fueled my confidence to use the happiness research in my work with SongwritingWith:Soldiers.

You can learn much more about the Gross National Happiness work here:  www.gnhusa.org  and happycounts.org

So take some time to think about when you are genuinely happy…what are you doing? Who are you with? How often do you engage in things that make your heart sing or connect you to others?

Take a look at this poster made especially for International Day of Happiness 2015. See if any of the suggestions speak to you. Pick at least one. Do it! Make yourself happier today — and every day. Then, let me know what happens!   🙂

International Day of Happiness 2015 pdf

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