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Jigmi Thinley - The man behind Gross National Happiness

Mary at The United Nations with Bhutan’s Prime Minister, Jigmi Y. Thinley.

  • Creates groundbreaking programs that change lives
  • Facilitates discussions that change the world
  • Inspires individuals and organizations to thrive through strengths
  • Works and studies with Global Leaders in Positive Psychology
  • Shares her expertise with clients like YOU!

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Mary Judd specializes in positive communications and program development. Her most recent creation, with longtime friend, Darden Smith is called SongwritingWith:Soldiers.

Mary draws from her vast experience working with clients such as The VIA InstituteMentorCoachThe HAPPY Movie; NYS Dept. of Economic Development (I LOVE NY); Discovery RetreatsAmerican Farmland Trust, and many educational institutions of all levels.

She has worked with several of the world’s leading Positive Psychology researchers* and served as a discussion facilitator in the 2012 United Nations High Level Meeting on Happiness & Well-being.

A sought after consultant, writer and educator, Mary was tapped by the India Association of Health Research and Welfare to write a forward for India’s first text on the subject Positive PsychologyIn Light of Indian Tradition. She serves on the Editorial Board of the India Journal of Positive Psychology, and was asked  and helped launch India’s PsyInsight magazine and Physique magazine in Uganda.

John Hendricks, founder of the Discovery Channel, asked Mary to write the copy for his first book: The Canyons of Gateway.

For K-12 students, Mary co-developed The Thriving Classroom curriculum for The Mayerson Academy – a multi-level strengths-based program; co-wrote curriculum guides for The Happy Movie; authored The Stowaway Starstrengths-based stories for kids of all ages, and co-founded The Barn School, an award-winning sustainable agriculture camp for kids that raises funds for farms and Heifer International®.


Click here to listen to Mary talk about creating the SongwritingWith:Soldiers program.



** Mary’s Header photo by the talented Matt Lankes.