I work with individuals and organizations who make positive changes in the world! Meet a few below, then click for others I’ve studied and worked with.

Martin Seligman – World renowned psychologist, author, former President of the American Psychological Association

“I met Mary Judd several years ago when I launched my first Positive Psychology Coaching program (Authentic Happiness Coaching Program). She continued as an assistant trainer and went on to study with numerous researchers from around the world. Her ability to apply the research to positive program development — for groups ranging from school children to soldiers – would be a strong asset to any program.”

Neal Mayerson, PhD. – Chairman of the Mayerson Foundation and the VIA Institute on Character

“Mary Judd is an enthusiast of life and her positive energy pours into everything she does and everyone with whom she works. She is a serious student of positive psychology and particularly the VIA Classification of Character Strengths and Virtues. Mary has a deep understanding of the importance and personal power of knowing one’s own character strengths and knowing the strengths of those with whom one loves, works, and plays. She is fastidious in her attention to detail and persistent in her follow through. Mary also has a mature and perceptive approach to working with people from the boardwalk to the boardroom. She is very savvy. If you want a job well-done then she is the person to go with.”

John S. Hendricks – Founder and former Chairman, Discovery Communications

“For my first photography book, I had the good fortune of working with the very talented Mary Judd who brought both her artist’s eye and writer’s mind to the canyon country of western Colorado. It was a treat to explore the land with her. Her insights and her joy of discovery enriched the book. I have since employed Mary’s services in a variety of other projects for my new lifelong learning and travel company. As a business associate, I place a high value on Mary’s enormous breadth of knowledge, her succinct writing skills and compelling style, and the fact that she is an extraordinary team player and contributor. To every project or initiative Mary brings a multitude of talents and as well as ample ingenuity. She is one of those rare individuals whose work ethic and dedication to task inspires others to also perform at their highest levels. Simply put, Mary is a wonderful human asset.”

Sunil Saini – Founder India Association of Health, Research, and Well-Being

“Mary Judd has been working with Indian Association of Health, Research, and Well-Being (IAHRW) since the first issue of PsyInsight, India’s positive psychology magazine. She has interviewed world pioneers in the field of positive psychology including Martin Seligman, Neal Mayerson, Ben Dean, and more. She has also interviewed others who are landmarks in their respective fields, like John Hendricks and Roko Belic. Her writing for PsyInsight is an inspirational force to us, and the readers eagerly wait for her interview in each coming issue. The team of IAHRW is heartily thankful to her for her genuine cause of humanity that influences people’s lives worldwide. Moreover, she has added value to PsyInsight and its readers. It is our pleasure to have Mary Judd, the jewel, in our team to achieve the objective of IAHRW to make everyone’s life better by replacing negativity with positivity.”

Robyn Eskinazi-Gray – Former Assistant Publications Manager/Art Director – I LOVE NY – NYS Dept. of Economic Development

“I have worked with Mary Judd on many projects for I LOVE NEW YORK. She is very detail oriented and creative, and can readily adapt to various writing styles as required. We always work with very tight time and budget constraints. Mary consistently delivers an excellent product on time and within budget. She is a pleasure to work with. I would not hesitate calling on her to write for further projects.”

Judy Krings, Ph.D.,PCC – Personal and Professional Coach, Clinical Psychologist CoachingPositivity.com

“Mary is a flawless jewel whose sparkling radiance shines through in all that she does. Genuine, meticulous, and delightful in her diligence, Mary’s extraordinary proficiency turns the toughest tasks into splendid products. Better yet, she will coach you how to do the same! I have watched Mary’s understated elegance for years. She is an unsung hero to all of us at MentorCoach who have benefited from her amazing, selfless good deeds. If you want exceptional writing, program development, and/or consultant abilities, add Mary to your speed dial. It is my honor to give Mary my highest recommendation.”