How are you, Being?


This painting may look like it was carefully planned. The shape, the colors, the sense of movement.

Nope. The only thing I planned was to pick up a paintbrush and try to capture an image and feeling that emerged right before I fell asleep one night. Something from deep within, peaceful, yet intense. I felt compelled to hold on to it, to see if there was something I needed to know or learn from it.

Eighteen paintings later, I followed the next nudge from within. I gathered all the various “Being” pieces together to see what the lesson was. A Life of Being emerged. A colorful, quiet reflection of our journey through life, simply being who we are.  A reminder that no matter what we do, or don’t do, we have an impact on our world, by being who we are.

The book A Life of Being  emerged as a gentle, quiet reflection to honor and care for our deep selves, our Being within. For me, my inner Being needed to express some intense emotions through paintings, to quiet my mind and let the art speak. I let myself listen and care for my soul, not knowing exactly what the result would be.

Through the series, I saw clearly how we sow inevitable seeds by simply being.

I learned that listening to and caring for our Being helps determine which seeds take hold, grow and potentially feed others.

Here’s to you, Being!

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