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The Age of Awareness – why we need the soldiers’ songs

I don’t think there’s anyone above age 5 who doesn’t have feelings about war. We are introduced to it in countless ways — by seeing footage on the news, hearing an ancient fable at bedtime, listening to a story about a relative who was a Veteran, the list goes on. Regardless of how we are Read more about The Age of Awareness – why we need the soldiers’ songs[…]

How to Carry a Tune

I love to look at this photo from our last retreat at the Carey Center in Rensselaerville, NY and remember so many good things… like the crystal blue skies and gentle breeze. And how, one by one the soldiers, songwriters, staff, and volunteers arrived, each noting the beauty of the surroundings – the expansive green Read more about How to Carry a Tune[…]

Press Release – Powerhouse line up for SWS retreat!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE          Songwriting retreat for veterans expands reach, impact   Bob Woodruff Foundation, ASCAP Foundation, Lockheed Martin and more  help SongwritingWith:Soldiers broaden reach and build community   BELTON, TEXAS – Twelve active duty military service members and their guests will take part in a unique opportunity to share their stories with professional songwriters during Read more about Press Release – Powerhouse line up for SWS retreat![…]

Happy Director Roko Belic

  Mary Judd Interviews HAPPY Director Roko Belic    Author’s Note : I am thankful for much of the beauty in this world — from nature’s splendor to human innovation.  One of my favorite things of beauty is the film, HAPPY.  Award-winning director, Roko Belic, takes viewers on a trip around the world exploring what (truly) makes Read more about Happy Director Roko Belic[…]

The Medium Chill

  Feeling frazzled? Wondering how to keep up in this uber-connected world?  Fear not. Sanity exists, and you can access it right now!  Read this article! — Feel better about where you are now, what you have in your life…..and pass it on!   The Medium Chill by David Roberts

Interview – Martin Seligman

Martin Seligman, the “Father of Positive Psychology,” has Albany Roots By Mary Judd Special To The Times Union Published: 01:18 a.m., Saturday, October 16, 2010 This past spring, Albany Academy presented a Distinguished Alumni Award to Martin Seligman, who graduated in 1960. This child of Albany went on to become one of the world’s foremost psychologists. He Read more about Interview – Martin Seligman[…]

Interview – Ben Dean

Founder and President of MentorCoach Ben Dean built one of the most successful coaching businesses in the world out of a frustrating school assignment. Actually, A PhD dissertation isn’t exactly small potatoes when it comes to school assignments, is it? For  Ben Dean, the task became almost insurmountable… until….   Read Mary’s interview with Ben Read more about Interview – Ben Dean[…]

GNHappiness – becoming a reality

Around the world, masses of people are working to create some positive changes — like creating Gross National Happiness measures to lessen the dominance of Gross Domestic Product measures (that can only reveal so much about “how we are doing”). I was fortunate to meet the Prime Minister of Bhutan at a United Nations meeting on Read more about GNHappiness – becoming a reality[…]